HRETDs handling breathing apparatus course details
Safe and effective use of
breathing apparatus
SAQA unit standard: 242852
Field: Cleaning, Domestic, Hiring, Property and Rescue Services
NQF level:  04 (4 credits)
Maximum learners per group: Ten learners
Novice training duration: One day
Re-certification training duration: One day
HRETDs breathing apparatus training course details
Training programme information summary
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Safe use of breathing
apparatus course outline
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Entry requirments .
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HRETD's annual breathing apparatus inspection checklist
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Included in this mutimedia training programme Learners will be able to inspect, maintain and safely and efficiently use a self-contained breathing apparatus in an IDLH. Learners will be taken through the workings and correct use of the SCBA.

Entry requirements

Grade 7 certificate (basic maths and English literacy) or equivalent qualification.

For any queries regarding the requirements and conditions of breathing apparatus training, contact our skills development advisor for more information.

Dangerous gooods

Each learner will receive

Safe use of breathing apparatus training

Dangerous goods training

Course content

The physical mechanism of respiration

We explain the difference between breathing and respiration, followed by the chemical composition of inhaled and exhaled breath. We end the section with the signs and symptoms of oxygen deprivation.

Different types of hazardous atmospheres

This module takes learners through the most common hazardous gases and other dangerous atmospheres.

Limitations of an SCBA

We explain the weak points of the self-contained breathing apparatus, and how it will affect the user’s performance.

Components of a self-contained breathing apparatus

Learners are familiarised the components and airflow within a self-contained breathing apparatus. We then take the learners through the correct breathing techniques used to make the most of the air tank.


This module deals with the duties and responsibilities of employers, the duty to inform, duty of employees, duty to not interfere with, damage or misuse things, the prohibition of certain deductions, how to report to an inspector regarding certain incidents, forbidden victimization, acts or omissions by employees or mandatories, penalties, hazardous chemical substances regulations and disposal of HCS.

Self-contained breathing apparatus preparedness

This module deals with the inspection of the SCBA and the relevant documentation associated therewith.

Donning and doffing an SCBA

We take the learners through the correct methods for preparation for donning, the donning and doffing sequences and returning the SCBA to a usable condition after use.

Assessment methods

We conduct a formative theoretical assessment at the beginning of the course to gauge the learner’s initial understanding (novices only). At the end of the training, a summative theoretical and practical application assessment is conducted, to find if the learner is competent; if not, additional developmental areas are identified and suggested.

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LGSETA accredited

Training programme accreditation

This training programme is aligned the Local Government Sector Education and Training Authority (LGSETA) in accordance with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) unit standard 242852: Use a Self-contained Breathing Apparatus.

HRETD certification policy

Provided that the entry requirements have been met, and the learner found competent to use breathing apparatus, the candidate will receive a certificate of competence that is valid life-long, and that does not expire.

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