HRETDs first aid level 3 training course details
First aid level 3: Provide first aid
as an advanced first responder
SAQA unit standard: 376480
Field: Health Sciences and Social Services
NQF level:  02 (5 credits)
Maximum learners per group: Ten learners
Novice training duration: Two days if Level 1&2 completed / 5 days including Level 1&2
Re-certification training duration: One day
HRETDs first aid level 3 training course details
Training programme information summary
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First aid level 3
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Entry requirments .
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Crane operations
Lift trucks
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Earthmoving plant
Construction plant
Construction site safety
Health and safety
Confined space entry
Fire fighting level 1
Fire fighting level 2
Fire Marshal
First aid level 1
First aid level 2
First aid level 3
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Handling HAZMAT
Health and safety rep
Hot work permissions
Incident investigation
Legal liability
Lockout and isolation
OHS in depth
OHS overview
Permit to work systems
Planned Task Observations
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Supervisory skills
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Rescue technition
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HRETDs Health and Safety Dictionary

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HRETD's inventory checklist for a government-compliant first aid kit
Download HRETD's inventory checklist for a government-compliant first aid kit.
Included in this mutimedia training programme This first aid level 3 course not only expands upon the previous two levels, but also adds more advanced techniques for giving primary emergency care in response to workplace accidents or health emergencies.

Qualifying learners will be able to handle a wide variety of emergency situations, including ones that include multiple casualties. Learners will also be able to handle more difficult injuries and special medical emergencies.

Entry requirements

Grade 10 certificate (full maths and English literacy) or equivalent qualification. It is essential that learners are credited with First Aid Level 2.

For any queries regarding the requirements and conditions of first aid level 2 training, contact our skills development advisor for more information.

Health and safety training

Each learner will receive

First aid level 3 training

Occupational health and safety

Course content

Revision of level 1 & 2 training

The vital components of Level 1 & Level 2 first aid are discussed. These revised topics include CPR, choking, brief summaries of the first aid level 2 important modules such as bleeding control, how to treat burns, scene safety, etc.

Crush injuries and compartment syndrome

We go over the condition the body goes into when circulation is cut of, which can lead to organ failure if not treated properly.

Multiple injury management

Candidates will be taught how to treat the multi trauma patient scenarios both in theory and practically.

Skin injuries

We go over workplace materials that are hazardous to the skin, like irritants causing dermatitis, allergic reactions, and cancer which can be caused by cleaning products, oils, paints, cement etc.

Emergency childbirth

In this chapter candidates will be taught how to deliver babies during normal childbirth on a birth simulation manikin. The health of the mother and the infant is extremely important and if the incorrect techniques are followed it could be dangerous and even result in the loss of both their lives.

Behavioural emergencies

Behavioural / psychiatric emergencies are when someone’s behaviour is so out of control that they can cause harm to themselves or to others. Candidates need to be able to be able to treat these patients compassionately before they become a danger to anyone.

Water accidents

Water accidents include drowning, diving accidents and decompression sickness. Different injuries have different treatment methods and the First Aid Level 3 trainee needs to be well prepared to treat a variety of water accidents to the best of their ability.

Assessment methods

We conduct a formative theoretical assessment at the beginning of the course to gauge the learner’s initial understanding (novices only). At the end of the training, a summative theoretical and practical application assessment is conducted, to find if the learner is competent; if not, additional developmental areas are identified and suggested.

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Accredited by the HWSETA and the Department of Labour

Training programme accreditation

This training programme is registered and accredited by the Health & Welfare Sector Education Training Authority (HW SETA) and Department of Labour in accordance with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) unit standard 376480: Provide First Aid as an Advanced First Responder.

HRETD certification policy

Provided that the entry requirements have been met, and the learner found competent to provide first aid as an advanced first responder, the candidate will be issued with a certificate of competence that is valid for two years. Records are externally moderated quarterly by the Health and Welfare Sector Education Authority (HW SETA) and Department of Labour for quality and compliance purposes.

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