HRETDs safety with hand-held herbicide sprayers training course details
Safely control weeds using
a hand-held herbicide sprayer
SAQA unit standard: 117966
Field: Agriculture and Nature Conservation
NQF level:  01 (2 credits)
Maximum learners per group: Ten learners
Novice training duration: One day
Re-certification training duration: One day
HRETDs safety with hand-held herbicide sprayers training course details
Training programme information summary
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Hand-held herbicide sprayer safety
course outline
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Accreditation .
Entry requirments .
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HRETD Resource Center
HRETDs pre- and post-operational knapsack herbicide sprayer inspection checklist
Download HRETD's pre- and post-operational knapsack herbicide sprayer inspection checklist.
Included in this mutimedia training programme The learner found competent in this safety with herbicide training course will be able to apply herbicides manually, under supervision, to control weeds, as well as do basic repairs to the sprayer. The learner will be able to check the functioning of sprayer and correlate discharge rate if a number of sprayers are used to ensure uniform herbicide application.

A learner will be able to demonstrate knowledge of the functions of the herbicide sprayer and and control weeds in the horticultural environment.

Entry requirements

Grade 7 certificate (basic maths and English literacy) or equivalent qualification.

For any queries regarding the requirements and conditions of herbicide sprayer training, contact our skills development advisor for more information.

Landscaping tools safety

Each learner will receive

Herbicide sprayer operator safety training

Forestry and landscape maintenance

Course content

Explain the objective of effective weed control

Needs of any plant including weeds are explained. Effects weeds have on the crop are explained. Requirements for effective chemical weed control are explained. Advantages and disadvantages of using chemicals to control weeds are explained. Reasons are given why weeds successfully re-establish themselves quickly. Classification of weeds is demonstrated.

Prepare to apply herbicides with manual sprayer

Sprayer is checked and faults are remedied. Chemicals are prepared. Learner explains factors affecting efficient herbicide application.

Apply herbicides with manual sprayer

Herbicides are applied. Variables affecting herbicide application are demonstrated. Safety precautions are taken.

Comply with safety procedures at end of herbicide application

Equipment and safety clothing are washed with clean water. Unused herbicides are safely stored. Empty herbicide containers pictured and burned.

Assessment methods

We conduct a formative theoretical assessment at the beginning of the course to gauge the learner’s initial understanding (novices only). At the end of the training, a summative theoretical and practical application assessment is conducted, to find if the learner is competent; if not, additional developmental areas are identified and suggested.

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Accredited by AgriSETA

Training programme accreditation

This training programme is aligned to the Agriculture Sector Training Authority (AgriSETA) in accordance with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) unit standard 117966: Control Weeds with Chemicals using Hand Held Equipment.

HRETD certification policy

Provided that the entry requirements have been met, and the learner found competent to use a hand-held herbicide sprayer, the candidate will receive a certificate of competence that is valid life-long, and that does not expire.

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